Description Edit

Most people already know this but the balls are the things in soccer who must come in the goal. In Head Soccer the balls look like real balls. They don't look very at weird things, expect the Lava Ball and Spike Ball. In real soccer there are different types of balls and in Head Soccer also. Balls can also become in Power Shot bigger. In Italy's Power Shot you can see the first time that a ball become bigger. Later are in Super Saiyan's, Australia's, Austria's and Nepal's Power Shot also come bigger balls.


There are 6 different balls in Head Soccer:

Soccer Ball Edit

Normal Ball big

This ball looks like a normal soccer ball with black and white pentagons. You must play with this ball in Arcade, Tournament, Survival and Multiplayer. The reason of this ball is only a normal ball, just like all soccer balls must look.

It looks as the Adidas Telstar, the official ball of the World Cup Mexico 70, after the which the stereotypical soccer ball was designed.

DND Ball normal

D&D Dream Ball Edit

This ball has light green and dark green leaves with the words D&D Dream in the middle of the ball. Below the words D&D Dream are some commercials. You must play with this ball in the Major League. The reason for this ball is that D&D Dream wanted a ball with their name on it.

The left side logo is similar to the World Cup Brazil 2014 logo.

Amateur Ball normal

Golden Ball Edit

This ball has something gold on this. You must only play with this ball in the Amateur League. Its a good looking ball and that's the reason for it.

It's based on the Adidas Teamgeist, the official ball of the World Cup Germany 2006; more speciffically, on the Teamgeist Berlin, the ball of the final round of said tournament.

Minior Ball normal

Red Stripes Ball Edit

This is normal white ball with red stripes at the right and the left. You must only play with this Ball in the Minor League. It looks a bit like a rugby ball and that's the reason of making of it. Also is the Minor League something in USA and Canada and there they play American Football that is similar to Rugby. It also seems to resemble the 2010 Football World Cup ball.

Lava Ball normal

Lava Ball Edit

This ball looks like a melting lava rock. You must only play with this ball in the Head Cup. It's a very special ball and the reason is that D&D Dream was looking for a ball that doesn't look like a real ball.

Spike Ball Edit

B ball 05

This ball has a lot of spikes on his and is probably made of steel. You must play with this ball in Death Mode.

In Game pictures:Edit

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