The Flag of Afghanistan

A brown person who has a short black beard and brown eyes with a big nose.

Once you have turned the Power Shot, he wears a jacket and snow goes into his beard

Power ShotsEdit

Leopard Shot (Air Shot) Edit

A leopard jumps off a mountain containing the ball. The opposition disappears if he touches it

Objects Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

Afghanistan climbs a mountain and throws different things. rocks, bags, cameras. then he will throw the ball

Snowflake Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

he throws a snowflake containing the ball

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the Minor League without kick, dash and Power Shot.


The Afghanistan has a hat with a Camera on.

Jump +3

Speed +6

Kick +1

Power +4

Dash +0


The Himalaya is a mountain going through Afghanistan, Nepal, India and China. And thats the reason of the Power Shot.