Flag of Albania.svg

The flag of Albania

Appearance Edit


It is created by FranceSwitzerland. Albania has brown hair with a face with small ears, a big nose, small lips, big eyes and a small smiling face.

If you activate Albania's power button, Albania transforms into a mountain man with a stick. Every 5 seconds the stick strikes to the opponent. The opponent will disappear into a cave and be gone for a few seconds.

Power Shots Edit

Albania has 2 Power Shots and 1 Counter Attack.

Firing Mountain Shot (Air Shot) Edit

Albania's Air Shot is called the Firing Mountain Shot. A mountain appears on the side of Albania. The mountain has face. The mouth of the mountain goes open. First there comes a laser out of the mouth and fires to the opponent. If you touch the laser you are electrocuted for 3 seconds. After the laser goes out there comes a missile out the mouth. The missile goes to the opponent. If the opponent doesn't counter the missile it's a 100% goal.

Blowing Mountain shot (Ground Shot) Edit

Albania's Ground Shot is called the Blowing Mountain Shot. The mountain appears again and now wind comes out of the mouth of the mountain. The wind pushes you in the goal. In the wind the ball is somewhere random. If the opponent touches the ball, the ball will disappear and the mountain will suck you up for 5 seconds. After the opponent is sucked up, the ball is shoot in the goal. This Power Shot is like China's second Power Shot.

Rock shot (Counter Attack) Edit

Albania's Counter Attack is called the Rock Shot. The Mountain appears for the third time, but now it has arms. He strikes on the ground, and picks up a stone. He throws the stone to the opponent. The ball is in the stone. If you don't counter it, you're under rocks for 3 seconds.

Costume Edit

Albania wears in Arcade a Metal hat. If the opponent kicks Albania, with this hat, metal comes between the opponent and Albania, and hit the opponent, and makes him unconscious for 5 seconds.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win the first place of the Head Cup without kick and jump or pay him for 6,500,000 points.

Trivia Edit

  • Albania is a country in South Europe. It has borders with Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece. Northeastern lies the region of Kosovo.
  • In Albania are a lot mountains. That's the reason of the Power Shots and Counter Attack.