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The Flag of Algeria


It's a Character Idea of FranceSwitzerland. Algeria will have brown hair with a brown skin and a happy face. He will also have a small mouth, big nose, small green eyes and small ears. He also has a little beard and mustache

When you click on the Power Button of Algeria will transform in a Dromedary Driver. The stadium transforms in a Desert and the opponent will be pushed back by sand. And he will go under the sand of Egypt's Power Shot.

Power ShotsEdit

Algeria has 2 Power Shots and a Counter Attack.

Eating Dromedary Shot (Ground Shot)Edit

There comes a Dromedary and Algeria feeds him with grass. Then the Dromedary will run to the opponent and will stand in the middle of the field. Then he spit out all the grass. When the opponent touches a grass piece he will be push back. The ball is somewhere behind the grass. When the opponent touches the ball the dromedary will eat him. Also the dromedary push the opponent back.

Dromedary's Shot (Air Shot)Edit

There comes 3 dromedaries on the field. 2 of the Dromedary's will run to the opponent and will tread the opponent in the ground. Then the opponent has the same result of with Devil and Mon-K's Power Shot. Then the opponent is 4 seconds in the ground. Then Algeria goes on the dromedary and run very fast to the opponent. When the opponent touches the dromedary he will push hard back and is disappeared for 5 seconds. Then Algeria can easily score. 

Running Dromedary Shot (Counter Attack)Edit

There comes a dromedary on the field. Algeria goes on the dromedary. Then the dromedary runs very fast to the opponent. When the opponent touches the dromedary he will again hard pushed back. Then the opponent is disappeared for 5 seconds. 

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the Head Cup without using Jump and Power Shot.


Algeria wears a thermometer costume. The Thermometer stands on a normal temperature. Round the 3 seconds the thermometer will go higher and that makes the opponent under the fire and that let hims walk reversed. 3 seconds later the thermometer will go on a normal temperature. This is an SS Rank Costume.


  • Algeria is a big country in North Africa. It borders with Morocco, Tunisia, Mali, Niger and Libya.
  • Algeria is after Kazakhstan the biggest country in the world that isn't playable in Head Soccer.
  • A lot of dromedaries live in Algeria that's the reason of the Power Shots.
  • The highest temperature on the world is measured in Algeria that's the reason of the costume.

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