this is awy99's seventh character after konoha, uchiha, apocalypse, under world, vatican city 2, and spooky. The Ancient Rome


Ancient Rome wear a spiky black gladiator helmet, when he damaged the helmed fall off and he show his face. He has brown skin, short wavy light brown hair, big brown eyes wide smile mouth (like Denmark's expression) medium nose, medium mustache and beard. He wears a gold rome plated.

Power ShotsEdit

He has 2 Power Shots and a Counter Attack.

Archery Shot (First Power Shot) Edit

If undamaged Ancient Rome touch the ball, he will transform into completely gladiator ( wear the same helmet ) and take his bow from his back. before he fire an arrow with ball inside, a ten arrow come and harm the opponent area from the sky and Ancient Rome fire an arrow to the Opponent's goal very fast. the opponent will disapear for 6 seconds if touch the ball

Gladiators Shot (Damaged Power Shot) Edit

If damaged Ancient Rome touch the ball, he will transform into completely gladiator and he will call other 2 gladiators. He hold chained spiky ball, the first friend hold a big shield and the second friend hold a long arrow, all gladiators will go to the opponent's goal and attack many times for each gladiators and each gladiators have a balls. the balls were in the last attack. the opponent will kicked out if touch the ball.

Punch Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

Ancient Rome's counter called Punch Shot. after blocked attack he will run to the opponent's goal very fast after near from the goal he will jump and he will punch the goal. the opponent will get out from the stadium if touch the ball.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win Head Cup 25 times using Greece and make 12 Counter Attacks in Arcade using Italy vs Italy. or pay for 10,200,300 points.


He not wear a costume because he already wear it.
Ancient Rome's Flag

Ancient Rome's flag

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