Flag Edit

Flag of Angola.svg

Appearance Edit

Its created by FranceSwitzerland. Angola has a brown skin colour with brown hair. He has a normal face with big one blue eye and one green eye, small ears, big nose and a small mouth.

If you activate the Power Shot Button, Angola transforms into a Animal Farmer. He will whack you with his rack.

Power Shots Edit

Angola has 2 Power Shots and 1 Counter Attack

Palm Tree shot (Air Shot) Edit

Angola's AIr Shot is called Palm Tree shot. A palm tree appears on the side of Angola. Angola is sitting in the palm tree. Angola picks three coconuts. Angola Throws the coconuts to the opponent. If the opponent touches a coconut he is under the cocos for 4 seconds. If the opponent doesn't touch the coconut there is coconut on the ground. If the opponent walks over the coconut he slips over the cocos and is unconscious for 3 seconds.

Tiger Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

Angola's Ground Shot is called Tiger Shot. A Tiger appears on the side of Angola with the ball. The Tiger jumps to the opponent, and is going to eat the opponent. If you don't Counter him he eats you and you're death for 4 seconds.

Cheetah Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

Angola's Counter Attack is called Cheetah shot. A Cheetah appears ,with the ball, and runs to the opponent. If the opponent touches the cheetah he is disappeared for 3 seconds.

Costume Edit

Angola wears a Cocos hat. At the 3 seconds the costume fires cocos to the opponent. This is an SS rank costume.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win 20 Head Cups with 10 characters or pay him for 9,000,000 points.

Trivia Edit

  • Angola is country in the South of Africa. It has borders with Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia and Namibia.
  • There are a lot Palm Tree's in Angola and that's the reason of the Air Shot.
  • In Angola live a lot felines. That's the reason of the Ground Shot and Counter Attack.