Apocalypse is the third character idea from awy99.


Apocalypse has dark brown skin, spiky orange hair, medium ears, big angry eyes and mouth and medium sized nose. He has orange eyes but he doesn't have eyeballs. When the power bar is full, he will hit the ground and the stadium transform becomes a destroyed land with fire.

Power ShotsEdit

Apocalypse has 2 Power Shots and a Counter Attack.

Crashing Planet Shot (Air Shot) Edit

If the ball touches Apocalypse on the air, Mercury, Venus, and Mars will come vertically and hit the ground and cause an earthquake. After that, the 4 other planets will hit the opponent goal diagonally. He has 3 balls and Jupiter doesn't have a ball.

The End Shot (Ground Shot)Edit

If the ball touches Apocalypse on the ground, Apocalypse will jump out of the screen and come very fast to hit the ground and apocalypse gets in under the ground. After 1 second, a heavy earthquake will occur and the apocalypse will lift up the huge ground ( only apocalypse area ) and throw to the opponent goal very hard. If the opponent touches the ball, the huge explosion will occur and the apocalypse will disappear for 3 seconds and the opponent will disappear for 8 seconds and apocalypse can make a goal very easy.

Asteroid Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

If Apocalypse counters the opponent's shot, Apocalypse will make a big portal and shot a big asteroid very fast. If the opponent touches the ball, the opponent will explode.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the Tournament with Thailand and India max 3 goals each match and against Pluto in the final of the tournament with 7 goal maximum. It can be the different tournament or pay for 15.000.000 points.


Apocalypse wears nuclear machine. Every 9 seconds it will shoot nuclear waste to the opponent if the opponent gets hit it will cause a nuclear explosion. It is SS Rank costume and it is 15.000.000 ( all +4 ).


Apocalypse is not a real country. Apocalypse will destroy our universe someday.

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