Flag of the Democratic Republic of Armenia.svg

The Flag of Armenia

It's created by FranceSwitzerland. Armenia will have blonde hair with a angry face. He has also a big mouth, big nose, small brown eyes and small ears.

When you click on the Power Button of Armenia he will transform in cable car men. He will push the opponent in his own goal with a lot current (Like Hungary but a bit harder). Also on the background comes a lot mountains.

Power ShotsEdit

Armenia has 2 Power Shots and a Counter Attack.

Chair Lift Shot (Ground Shot)Edit

Above the field a chair lift appear. Then armenia goes in the chair lift. He will throw a lot stones on the ground that push the opponent in the air. Then a big stone with the ball roll to the opponent's goal. The big stone roll hard in the opponent's goal. When the opponent touch the big stone he will explode and is disapppeared for 5 seconds. 

5 Cable Car Shot (Air Shot)Edit

On the background comes a lot cable cars and on the field also there comes one. There comes 5 cable cars fast along. One carries the ball the other goes farther. The cable car with the ball will fall of the thread and fall on a random place on the field. The most time the cable car falls right on the opponent. Then the opponent is disappeared for 5 seconds and that gives Armenia a good change to score. Also there lies then al lot cable car pieces on the field that can be kick away.

Cable Car Shot (Counter Attack)Edit

A Cable car will come again on the field and Armenia jumps in it. Then the Cable Car will fast go to the opponent's goal. When the opponent touch it he is disappeared for 5 seconds and there lies again a lot cable bar pieces on the field. This is a hard Counter Attack because the calbe car goes very fast.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Reach 20 times the 3rd place in the Amateur League.


It is a stone costume. It shoot a rolling stone to the opponent, that push the opponent hard back when he touch it. Then the opponent is disappeared for 5 seconds and this is a SS Rank Costume.


  • Armenia is a country in East Europe. It has borders with Iran, Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan.
  • The longest cable car in the world lies in Armenia that is the reason of the Air Shot and Counter Attack.