Appearance Edit

He has an astronaut helmet, and you can only see red eyes in the helmet which is dark inside.

Power Shots Edit

Galactic strike(air shot)Edit

The astronaut fires a planet towards the opponent and stuns it, and a satellite with the ball flies downwards like Thailand's ground shot. If the opponent hits the satellite he will disappear for 4 seconds

star crash(ground shot)Edit

The astronaut fires a lot of stars horizontally at the opponent, which heavily damages him and pushes him back. The ball is in the final star and if the opponent touches it he will disappear for 3 seconds

Planet boom ( counter attack)Edit

The astronaut sends a planet towards the opponent if he touches it he explodes for 5 seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win 52 characters in arcade with at least 5 achievements


astronaut has no standard costume.


Non country character

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