Made by: Truston609.


He has a dark skin and he represents a foreign worker. He also has a moustache and has an angry expression. He is a 5 star opponent in the arcade. He is the 64th character in the game.

Power ShotEdit

When activated, his eyes will be on fire and throws bricks at his opponent every 2-3 seconds.

1st power shot:Bulldozer shot Edit

He will bring out a giant bulldozer, he will sit on it, the digger carries the ball, if the defender manages to block it, he will be tossed off the screen and will reappear in a few seconds.It is used when on air.

2nd power shot:Wall shot Edit

He will say "WALL BASH" he will throw 3 walls at the opponent, either one of the walls carries the ball. If the defender manage to block the ball, he will turn into concrete. It is used when on the ground

Counter attack:Driller shot Edit

He will say "NOT TODAY" he will hold a driller and charges at the opponent. The tip of the driller carries the ball and if the defender manages to block the ball he will turn into fragments of skeleton.



Flag of Bangladesh.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win 20 Head Cups without power shot and jump or pay 6,300,000

Costume Edit

He wears a Goal Shrinking Helmet, it is a SS rank costume and it costs 2,800,000 points to buy it.

If you want to look at my idea of the Goal Shrinking Helmet, please click on the link at the side.

Idea by:Truston609

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