Bangladesh is character idea by Fire mummy. He is a 5 star
Flag Bangladesh

Flag of Bangladesh

opponent in Arcade.


He has yellow skin, big ears, small eyes, normal nose and smiling mouth. When you click Power button he will throw lighting on you. Also will also be raining.

Power Shots Edit

He has an Air Shot, Ground Shot and an Counter Attack.

Monsoon Rain Shot (Air Shot) Edit

It is raining stronger. Then thunders will try to kill you 7 times. If it kill you, you have effect like Czech's thunder. Then lighting ball comes from Bangladesh's goal. If you block it you have New Zealand's lighting effect for 5 seconds. If thunder killed you, it will be goal for Bangladesh 100% because you can't block lighting ball.

Flood Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

It is raining so strong. Stadium and screen are full of water, but you can still see you and Bangladesh but hard. If you jump in the water you jump very, very high. Your time must be correct to block this shot. If you jump too early ball will pass under you. Ball comes high and horizontaly into opponent's goal. Wait 4 seconds and you can block it. If you blocked it you will disappear for 5 seconds.

Monsoon Wind Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

It is very windy. Wind will push you into goal. Then cloud comes and throws thunders. If thunder kill you, you have effect like Czech's thunder. Then ball comes with wind in opponent's goal. If you block it you will disappear for 4 seconds.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Don't lose your costume during Minor league or pay 7 800 000 points.


Bangladesh wears Detergent costume. Every 5 seconds it send 4 bubbles to the opponent. Bubbles have same effect like Turkey's Power.







Monsoon rains and winds are often in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines etc. That is the reason of Air shot and Counter Attack.

Floods are big problem of Bangladesh. They are consequence of monsoon winds and rains. That is the reason of Ground shot.

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