Flag of Belarus

The Flag of Belarus

Appearance Edit

Belarus is a Character Idea by FranceSwitzerland. Belarus has blonde hair with green eyes. He has small mouth, small-medium nose and small ears. 

When you click on his Power Button he will transform into a swamp paddler. He has a aor where he rotates with. If the opponent touches the aor he is falls out and you see the heart, brain, bowels, liver and other pieces from him fall on the ground.

Power ShotsEdit

Belarus has 2 Power Shots and a Counter Attack.

Swamp Grass Shot (Ground Shot)Edit

The stadium transforms into a swamp and all around the stadium is swamp grass. Belarus push the Swamp grasses to the opponent. There are five Swamp grasses and one is the ball. If you touch the swamp grass with the ball there comes a crocodile out of the water and eats you. Then you are disappeared for 5 seconds.

Swamp Boat Shot (Air Shot) Edit

The stadium transforms again in a swamp. There comes a swamp boat and Belarus jumps in it. Also the ball is in the boat. There comes 3 water waves that push the opponent in his own goal. Later Belarus in the boat sail hard to the goal. If you touch the boat you will again eaten by a crocodile and you are disappear for 5 seconds.

Crocodiles Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

The stadium transforms again in a swamp. There comes 3 crocodiles swimming to the opponent. Some underwater some above the water. One crocodile has the ball. If the opponent touch a crocodile he eats him and he is disappeared for 5 seconds.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win against all characters before him without using Power Shot.


Belarus costume is a tree sticks costume. Its look like a tree. But there is also a cannon on the tree. Its shoot tree sticks to the opponent what smash him out of the stadium and he is disappeared for 3 seconds. This is a SS Rank.

Speed Upgrade = +2

Kick Upgrade = +6

Jump Upgrade= +3

Dash Upgrade = +2

Power Upgrade = +6


  • Belarus is a country in Eastern Europe. It has borders with Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia and Lithuania.
  • The biggest swamp in Europe, the Pripjatswamps, lies in Belarus and that is the reason for the Power Shots and the Counter Attack.
  • There are also a lot primary forests in Belarus, that's why his Costume is with Primary Forest.