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The Gnome will have a red tall hat, big blue eyes, a bushy beard, two big ears, and an intimidating grin. 

Created by:Tommy DiGiorgio 

Power ShotsEdit

Gnomes Gone Wild (Air Shot) Edit

The first power shot is Gnomes Gone wild. The Gnome will fly up into the air, and grow very long legs. He will then scan the area in a circle with lasers in his eyes, while turning his head. He will then shoot three Gnomes, the fourth Gnome will have the ball in his clutches and if the opponent touches the Gnome with the ball he will turn into a gnome, not being able to move and you can shoot through him.

Gnome Parade (Ground Shot) Edit

The Gnome calls forth 5 Gnomes. Then people come running in front of them damaging the other opponent. Then the 6th Gnome will have the ball at the end of the pack of Gnomes, and if the opponent touches him,  the people will carry him off the field for 4-5 seconds.

The Secret of the Gnomes (Counter Attack) Edit

The field will turn into tall grass and 10 gnomes will pop out of the ground and stack on top of each other. Then each will shoot one ball, and if any ball goes in, its a goal. If the last ball hits the opponent, he will disappear for 4 seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the head cup without using powershot or counter attack. Or pay him 5,000,000 points.


The costume the Gnome wears is a red hat and every 6 seconds, a Gnome flies out and blows up the opponent, making him disappear. This is a rank S costume. Kick(+2), Jump(+3),Dash(+2), Speed(+3), and power(+2).  


Gnomes today are in a lot of commercials, like the saying " Go and smell the roses".

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