Flag of Bhutan

Because of the fact that I have already posted a weird country (Burundi), I feel like its my mission to give those countries a little bit of attention. So here comes another, Bhutan!/Notiluz

Appearance Edit

A male with a neutral skin color, some funny Asian hat, long gray beard and a red cape.

During the Second Power Shot, Bhutan will transform into a blue spirit.

Power Shots Edit

Growing tree shot (More goals then the opponent) Edit

The first Power Shot can only happen if the opponent doesn't have the most goals in the match. A tree will start growing, trying to avoid the player. If you tries to block it in anyway else than the normal kick, you will get trapped in the tree.

Blue Spirit Shot (Less goals then the opponent ) Edit

The second Power Shot can only happen if the opponent is leading the match. He will turn into a blue spirit, giving the Bhutan three wishes (A little menu will show up), trap the opponent in confusion, throw him up in the air or do UK´s attack (With rocks instead).

Counter Attack Edit

Bhutan's Counter Attack is called Dragon Shot. A giant Dragon appears and flies to the opponent. If the opponent touch it, he is eaten through the dragon.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win 500 matches in Arcade, 20 in tournament finals and 10 head cup finals or pay 300,000 points.