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The Flag of Bimini


Bimini has a dark tanned face, he has sunburn throughout his ears, he has black dreads, has a laid- back grin, a go-tee, a scar near his left eye, and tired/intimidating eyes.  

Power ShotsEdit

Bimini Bread Mayhem Shot (Air Shot) Edit

Bimini"s Air Attack is when Bimini flies off the ground and starts throwing 9 Bimini breads at the opponent. The opponent will be flown back into his goal while being unconscious, if touching any of the breads. The tenth Bimini bread that Bimini throws is the one with the ball in it. If the opponent hits that ball after being unconscious, he will be dazed from the bread for 4-5 seconds, making it easier to make a goal for Bimini.

The Fountain of Youth Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

Bimini's ground shot is when the Fountain Of Youth spurts out of the ground in the middle of the field. The Fountain Of Youth will shoot and spurt water all throughout the course. In the middle of the water shooting out of the Fountain of youth, the ball will appear and fly toward's the opponents goal. If the opponent touches the ball, he will shrink down in size, making him look younger and not move for 3-4 seconds. That makes it easier for Bimini to go around the opponent and score a goal.

Dr. Samuel Gruber's Shark Attack Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

Bimini's special counter attack is when 3 Bull Shark fly out of an aquarium tank and flies toward the opponents goal. The ball will then be in the mouth of the third Bull Shark and if the opponent touches the shark, he will be eaten for 4 seconds, making Bimini score an easy goal.

Unlock Requirements Edit

To unlock Bimini, you have to win the amateur league without a counter attack and kick.


The costume that Bimini wears is a fishing rod hat. Every 10 seconds the rod will cast out an grab the opponent. He will the fling the rod back, causing the opponent to go in to Bimini's goal and making the opponent unconscious. It will than be easy for Bimini to score a goal. This is a A rank costume.

  • Jump +2
  • Kick +2
  • Power +1
  • Dash+3
  • Speed+1


  • Dr. Samuel Gruber is a world famous shark biologist and has a worldwide known facility where scientists go to study sharks.                          
  • Juan Ponce De' Leon's search for the Fountain of Youth was to get to Bimini.

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