Skin like Portugal's,black hair,light-brown eyes and a serious face expression.When,his powerbar is charged,a big blue laser will fall down from the sky on Bolivia for 3 seconds (if the opponent gets near he will get,kicked back,like HongKong). Τhen,Bolivia will have,a withe metal helmet iwth some blue details with dark visors and he will have a laser gun.Every 8 seconds, he will shoot a green laser at the opponent,wich will give him Denmark's laser costume (not powershot) effect for about 4 seconds but with a green circle.

Power ShotsEdit

Time Machine Future Shot (Air shot) Edit

A big time machine that looks like a blue cube with withe doors,a clock on the top and some lights on it will appear above Bolivia.Then,the doors will open and Bolivia will jump in.Then,the background will turn into a spinning space vortex and the clock on the time machine will start going reverse for 5 seconds and then,the background will turn into a futuristic looking space city and Bolivia will get out of the time machine.

Time Machine Past Shot (Ground shot) Edit

The time machine will appear again and Bolivia will jump in it.The space vortex will appear again for 5 seconds,and this time,the background will turn into a prehistoric landscape with an active volcano.Then,a big pterodactyl (a type of a flying dinosaur) will fly in and carry the opponent away from the field for 5-6 seconds.

Blue Time Warp Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

The time machine will appear again,and this time,it will shoot 3 blue energy lasers at the opponent.The first two will make the opponent dizzy and the last one will make him teleport away (kinda similar to The Netherlands).

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win the 1st place in Amateur League with 15 diffirent costumes (any rank).


It looks like a cowboy hat with a green musket on the top.Every 9 seconds,it will shoot out a poisonous ball wich will slow down the opponent  by -10% for 5 seconds.

Kick +4

Speed +3

Jump +5

Power +2

Dash +2
Flag of Bolivia (state).svg

The flag of Bolivia.