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The Flag of Bornholm


Bornholm is a Character Idea of FranceSwitzerland and he wants him in Head Soccer. Bornholm has short blond hair with a smiling face. He has also a small mouth, big nose, big blue eyes and small ears.

When you click on Bornholm's Power Button, he will transform into a marram grass. When the opponent comes too close to Bornholm he will grab him with his plants arms and makes the opponent a marram grass for 5 seconds.

Power ShotsEdit

Bornholm has 2 Power Shots and a Counter Attack

Dune Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

There comes a dune with marram grass. Bornholm go lies between the other marram grasses. Then it attend flood and the place of the field where the opponent stay goes under the water. The opponent will be hard pushed into his own goal. Then Bornholm will shoot 10 grass pieces to the opponent. The last is the ball, the others are fake and pushes the opponent in his own goal. If the opponent touches the ball he will be under the sand for 5 seconds. Bornholm can walk over the opponent.

10 Marram Grasses Shot (Air Shot) Edit

There comes a dune with 9 Marram grasses. Now the hole field is a dune. Then Bornholm goes lie by the other marram grasses. Then 3 seconds later the marram grass shoots all one grass piece to the opponent. One is the ball and the others are fake. If you touches a grass piece you are under the sand for the whole Power Shot.

3 Marram Grasses Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

Bornholm transform again in a Marram Grass and there comes also 2 other Marram Grasses. First the 2 other Marram Grasses run to the opponent. Later Bornholm runs to the goal. If the opponent touches a Marram grass he is under the sand for 5 seconds.  

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win the Amateur League with all matches winning with 10 goals more than your opponent or you must pay him for 11,900,000 points.


Bornholm wears the Marram Grass Costume. This is an SS Rank and shoot pieces of grass to the opponent. If the opponent touches a sand pieces he is under the sand for 5 seconds.


  • Bornholm is an island of Denmark. It lies between Germany, Poland and Sweden.
  • He can be added if all countries are in Head Soccer. There are a lot of dunes with Marram grass that's why he is that and it is in the Power Shot.