The Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina


It's created by FranceSwitzerland. Bosnia and Herzegovina will have brown hair with light blue eyes. He has a small nose, a big mouth and small ears.

If Bosnia and Herzegovina's Power Button is activated, he will transform into a cook. There comes a kitchen on the background and Bosnia and Herzegovina will grab a pan and bake something. Then there comes a lot of food to the opponent that make him unconscious for 3 seconds if he touches it. Also Bosnia and Herzegovina wears a cook cap.

Power ShotsEdit

Bosnia and Herzegovina has 2 Power Shots and a Counter Attack.

Fridge Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

Bosnia and Herzegovina will push a fridge to the opponent. If the opponent doesn't counter it, He will be in the fridge and when he comes out the fridge the opponent is freezing. Then Bosnia and Herzegovina can very easily score.

Oven Shot (Air Shot) Edit

A oven appears and Bosnia and Herzegovina put some food and the ball in the oven. When it's clear, all the food will throw to the opponent and later the ball will also throw very fast to the opponent. If the opponent touches the ball he will disappeared and Bosnia and Herzegovina will throw him in the oven and he falls apart when comes out the oven.

Sausage Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

There comes a fridge again and Bosnia and Herzegovina opens the fridge. Then there comes a very very long sausage flying out the fridge. Somewhere beside the sausage is the ball. If the opponent touches the sausage he will be pushed down and is 2 unconscious for 2 seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the Major League without using Power Shot, Kick and Dash.


Bosnia and Herzegovina wears a Mixer hat. It's a hat with a Mixer on it. If the opponent touches the Mixer he will shaken and walk very weird and, Bosnia and Herzegovina can easily score. This is a SS Rank Costume.

Stats BonusEdit

  • Speed Upgrade: +5
  • Kick Upgrade: +7
  • Jump Upgrade: +1
  • Dash Upgrade: +3
  • Power Upgrade: +3


  • Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country in South Europe. It has borders with Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina is famous for the fish and meat products, that's why Bosnia and Herzegovina is a cook.
  • In his Power Shot you can see things from the kitchen.

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