B.V.I's appearance is a black face, a large grin, a nose ring in his nose which is medium sized, ears that appear to be small, and shut eyes that are medium sized. By jkbaseball7

Power ShotsEdit

The Storm Petrels (Air Shot) Edit

B.V.I calls forth 5 Storm Petrels. The storm petrels then fly toward the opponents goal and if the opponent hits a Petrel, he turns into a fish and the next Petrels swoops in and eats him and disappears for 5 seconds. The fifth Storm Petrel has the ball in his mouth.

Sailor's Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

A wave of water rushes toward the opponents goal and then three sail boats appear. When the opponent touches the sailboat,turns into a sailor and sails off for 4 seconds. The third sailboat has the ball in its hull.

Mount Sage ( Counter Attack) Edit

Mount Sage appears in the middle of the field and casues an earthquake heading towards the opponents goal. If the opponent touches the earthquake, he falls through the hole/ crack of the earthquake and disappears for 3 seconds. Mount Sage then shoots out the ball toward the opponents goal.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win the Head Cup by not allowing more than 5 goals in the final round. Or pay him 3,100,000 points.


B.V.I. wears a costume that is Fire Coral, and every 5 seconds it shoots toward the opponent. If the opponent touches the piece of Fire Coral, he turns into fire and is disinegrated for 2 seconds. This a rank SS costume and costs 700,000 points.






  • B.V.I. has a lot on the reefs and stings you like youve just been stung by fire.
  • The national sport in B.V.I. is sailing.
  • One of the national birds in B.V.I is the Storm Petrel and feeds on fish.

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