He has White skin, brown hair, a Grey moustache and a serious face expression. He also has a graze over his forehead. When he activates his power, a thunderbolt will strike the middle of the field (if the opponent touches it, he will get the Cameroon's Power Shot effect for 5 seconds). Then, some clouds will appear above the field and it will start raining.

Power ShotsEdit

Thunderbolt shot (Air shot) Edit

He will shout:"STORM!". Then three thunderbolts will try to strike the opponent, if they hit him, the opponent will get electrified for 3-4 seconds (similar to New Zealand). Then, one more thunderbolt will strike the inside of the opponent's goal. If it hits the inside of the goal, Burgenland will score. If it hits the opponent, he will explode and disappear for 5 seconds.

Thunderstorm shot (Ground shot) Edit

He will shout:"THUNDERSTORM!". A big thunderbolt will try to strike the opponent, it always warns the player where it's going to strike, like New Zealand only for 2 seconds. 'If it hits the opponent,he will turn into ashes for 4 seconds and the ball will appear.

Wind shot (Counter Attack) Edit

He will shout:"BURGENLAND!!!". A big rock will appear and he will jump on it. Then it will start winding for 6. The wind can strongly push the opponent into his goal. Then the wind will carry the ball (Italy sized) with it. If the opponent touches the ball he will explode (he will disappear for 4 seconds).

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the 1st place in Head Cup by wining the every match with more than 10 goals.


It is a costume with a knight arm that holds a sword. It will swing the sword every 6 seconds. If it hits the opponent, he will be dizzy for 5 seconds. It is not that big so it only covers the character's eyes.

Kick +1

Speed +2

Jump +3

Power +2

Dash +1


Burgenland is a state in Austria where Croats live. It rains a lot there.
Burgenland Flag

Burgenland flag