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Tan skin with with very big eyes, small mouth and big ears. When his Power Button is acticated, he will turn into a buffalo player short hair.

Power ShotsEdit

Catalonia has two Power Shots. Air Shot, Ground Shot and also a Counter Attack.

Village People Shot (Air shot) Edit

Everybody in the village walks slow and then Catalonia comes in running with the ball running the opponent over and straight into the goal.

Hurricane Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

A big storm comes blowing everyone away and the ball will be flying into the goal.

Buffalo Wing Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

Catalonia has a buffalo that he's riding. The buffalo has the ball in his mouth. They run into the goal at high speed.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Beat Spain in Arcade 10 times, in Tournament 5 times, in Amateur league 6 times, in Major league 4 times, in Minor league 3 times and in Head Cup 7 times.


The village hat spits out angry villagers which punch the oppponent. making them dizzy for 5 seconds.

Jump +2


  • Catalonia has a lot of fast food resturaunts
  • Catalonia has a lot of hurricanes
  • Catalonia has lots of villiges

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