He has white skin, black spiky hair, blue eyes, big ears, medium nose, medium eyes and a serious face expression. When his Power Bar is charged, he will wear a grass skirt (it will knock of any of the costumes that he is wearing). Then he will be able to throw banana peels on the ground every 7 seconds. If the opponent stands on a banana peel, he will get a Nigeria's Power Shot effect for 4 seconds (he will get thrown into the air). He has a (not so) deep voice. 

Power ShotsEdit

Coconut-catapult shot (Air shot) Edit

He will yell:"Coconut Shot!". Then a big palm tree will appear and he will jump on it and the it will get bent (he will be on it for 2 seconds). Then he will jump off it, the palm tree will unbent, and it will throw 4 coconuts at the opponent like a catapult in different angles and positions (all of the coconuts will be thrown in once). The coconuts are always thrown in different angles. One of them has the ball. Also, all of the coconuts move in a different speed. They can make the opponent dizzy for about 3 or 4 seconds.

Coconut kick shot (Ground shot) Edit

He will shout:"More coconuts!". The palm tree will appear again.This time, he will kick it and 10 of coconuts will drop down. Then he will quickly kick them all (not all in once) into the opponent's goal. They can hurt the opponent and all of them can score a goal. 3 coconuts can make the opponent explodes (and dissappears for 6 seconds). The coconuts are kicked in a direction similar to Brazil's Power Shot.

Coconut rage shot (Counter attack) Edit

The palm tree will appear again.He will kick it and a (medium-sized) coconut will drop on him. He will get very angry,and he will kick it into the opponent's goal (the coconut doesn't move straight, it moves more aslope). If the opponent touches it, he will explode and dissappear for 5 seconds.

Unlock requirementsEdit

Win the 1st place in Head Cup 45 times without using dash.


It's a microwave costume. It will open up and throw a Hot-Dog every 7 to 9 seconds. The Hot-Dogs can slow up the opponent by -2.

Kick +2

Speed +2

Jump +1

Power +3

Dash +3


Cocos Island is an Island in Oceania. There are a lot of palm trees there so that's why they are in the Power Shot.
Flag of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands.svg

The flag of Cocos Island.