Idea by CroatiaSoccer.


White skin,big nose,brown eyes,white hair,big eyes and a serious face expression.

When his powerbar is charged,he will turn into Napoleon (if the opponent gets near,he'll get knocked back).Then,Corsica will hurt the opponent with his saber every 5-6 seconds.

750px-Flag of Corsica.svg

The flag of Corsica.

Power ShotsEdit

Lobsters shot (Air shot) Edit

There comes a lot of lobsters from Corsica's goal.One has the ball.If the opponent touches it,he will be attacked by 3 lobsters for 6 seconds giving Corsica a chance to score.

Squid shot (Ground shot) Edit

Corsica will send 3 squids after the opponent (they will be flying).If the opponent touches all 3,a squid will stick itself to the opponent's face for 6 seconds giving Corsica a chance to score.

Blue Liquid Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

A lot of light-blue liquid will come from Corsica's goal.It will hurt the opponent and push him into his own goal.Then there comes the ball which will make the opponent explode and disappear for 5-6 seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the Tournament 30 times without Jump.


He wears the Napoleon's hat.


The Napoleon hat.

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