Flag of Costa Rica (state).svg

The flag of Costa Rica

Tan skin with black hair and a ponytail. He If Power Full He Gonna Reform Into Zorro In Film One Piece If Opponents Hit His Body Oppotents Gonna Injury Like Pluto

Power ShotsEdit

Tsunami Shot (Ground Shot)Edit

When Costa Rica uses Powershot in the ground, it is called "Tsunami shot" a big wave come down and crashes on the opponent. The hard thing of the Powershot is that the ball is in a random position (on the top, on the middle, or on the bottom) that makes Costa Rica a good character.

Aqua Shot (Air Shot)Edit

When Costa Rica uses Powershot on the air, it is called "Aqua Shot." When Costa Rica uses it, it drowns the hole field which causes the opponent to float, then Costa Rica starts firing 6 bubbles, one of the bubbles have the ball so it is going to be very hard to deflect and worse to counter.

Whale shot (Counter attack)Edit

A blue whale appears, then it shoot a water current to the opponent, just like Turkey, when the opponent touches the ball, it gets into a bubble.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win in Minor League without Powershot or Kick


Fier sword costume all five seconds come a fier sword and make K.O. for three seconds.

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