Costa Rica is a character idea for head soccer (by Chile 1234).


He looks like Keylor Navas.

Power ShotsEdit

T-Rex shot (Ground shot)Edit

Ground shot is called T-Rex shot , a T-Rex will appear. He will roar and that makes that the opponent go slowly back then three pterodactyl ( they are the ball) will go to the net one by one if the Computer catches all the T-Rex eat the Computer and he will appear until 4 seconds.

Raptor Shot (Air shot)Edit

Air shot is called Raptor shot . A lot of raptors will crash with the Computer and then the red one (he has the ball) will jump to the net , if Computer caches him he will disappear 4 seconds.

Counter attackEdit

Little pterodactyls will come from Costa Rica's nets horizontally and will make the Computer go back the red one has the ball.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the Head Cup wining all the matches by at least 4 goals of difference.


  • Jurassic park film is in an island of Costa Rica.
  • Sorry Costa Rica but D&D dream is putting film ideas so I put this that will have more success.

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