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Cuba's Skin is similar to Brazil's, and he also has grey hair, a grey beard (similar to Singapore's only longer) and a calm face expression.He has a tobacco pipe in his mouth and every 1.5 seconds ,there comes small smoke clouds out of it.When his powerbar is charged,the entire soccer field will be full of water and Cuba will be move using a miniature Pirate ship and he will also have an eyepatch and a pirate hat.His opponent will be on a small wooden raft and as he moves around he will paddle.In the Cuba's miniature pirate ship there is alsso a cannon and every 6.7 seconds,he will shoot out a cannonball from it which can make the opponent on the raft dizzy for 5 seconds.

Power ShotsEdit

Kraken shot (Air Shot) Edit

A big kraken will appear on his side and it will try to catch the opponent with his tentacle.When it does it,it will throw the opponent into his own net and if the opponent gets throwen into his net,he will explode and Cuba will score a goal.The only way to block this is to counter it.

Pirate Ship shot (Ground Shot) Edit

A big pirate ship with blue and white striped sales will appear on his side.There is a cannon on the front of the pirate ship.Then Cuba will get to the cannon and shoot out 3 cannonballs at the opponent's net.The last one will make him explode and the other two will make him dizzy for 1.7 seconds.All of the cannonballs move as fast as the magma ball in Austria's counter attack,making this a very useful power shot.

Rum shot (Counter Attack) Edit

He will drink a bottle of rum and he will throw it at the opponent's goal when it's empty.It can make the opponent dizzy for 2 seocnds.Then,a cannon will appear in front of him and he will shoot out a huge rum bottle at the opponent which can makes him explode for 5-6 seconds.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win the 1st place in Amateur League 100 times.


It's a rum bottle costume.Every 7-8 seconds,it shoots out it's plug wich will slow down the opponent by -5 and reverse his controls all at the same time (new dark-purple effect) for 5 seconds.

Kick +4

Speed +4

Jump +3

Power +4

Dash +2


  • Cuba is famous for it's rum so that's why it's in the Counter Atrack and the costume.

    The flag of Cuba.

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