Appearance Edit

Cuba is a character that has a bearded mustache that resembles a pirate without his hat. He looks like pirate because piracy mostly happened in the Caribbean, where Cuba is located. His Air Shot is Flintlock Fury Shot, his Ground Shot is Cutlass Shot and his Counter Attack is Cannon Shot.

Power Shot Edit

When he activates his power, he suddenly yells " Arrrrr!!!!!!!! " and he spins around with his cutlass briefly, dealing damage to the opponent if he is nearby.

Flintlock Fury (Air shot) Edit

During the shot, Cuba appears in a ship and he fires two flintlocks rapidly downward towards the opponent's goal. The bullets deal normal damage to the opponent, and if he touches the red bullet (the ball), he will get squashed by a falling anchor. (Like Asura's shot, except Asura has a giant hand instead of an anchor.)

Cutlass Shot (Ground shot) Edit

Cuba charges forward with his cutlass (which contains the ball). If the opponent touches the cutlass, Cuba will slash the opponent and the opponent becomes a skeleton. (Like Hungary's shot.)

Counter Attack Edit

His Counter attack is Cannon Shot. A cannon falls in front of Cuba and Cuba fires a giant cannonball (the ball) and if the opponent blocks it, he will be reduced to ashes. (Like Sweden's Power Shot) Hope this is real.

Unlock Requirements Edit

To unlock Cuba, you must either win 10 head cups with all characters or pay 5,000,000 points.

Costume Edit


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