Flag of Cyprus (1960-2006).svg

The Flag of Cyprus


It's a Character Idea of FranceSwitzerland. Cyprus has spiky brown hair with an angry face (Less big than Greece). He also has a big mouth, a small nose, big green eyes and small ears.

When you click on his Power Button, he will transform in a Greek god. Cyprus will throw a harp to the opponent what smash him back.

Power ShotsEdit

Cyprus has 2 Power Shots and a Counter Attack.

Poseidon Shot (Ground Shot)Edit

Cyprus will get a trident and get the looks of Poseidon. The temple of Poseidon will appear and Poseidon goes in it. Later Poseidon throws a lot tridents to the opponent. When the opponent touch a trident he is hanging up for 5 seconds. Then a big trident will goes to the goal. It has the ball. When the opponent touch the big trident, Poseidon will throw him in a water pool with sharks, and the opponent will disappear for 6 seconds.

Aphrodite Shot (Air Shot)Edit

Cyprus will get the looks of a woman and transform into Aphrodite. Aphrodite will make 3 big hearts and let them horizontally go to the opponent's goal. Also Cyprus make a Greek man. When the opponent touches a heart he will get in love and walk to the Greek man and will disappear with him. The ball carries the last heart and will simply goes then in the goal.

Zeus Shot (Counter Attack)Edit

Cyprus will get the looks of Zeus and will transform in him. Zeus will make a big grey cloud. Then it begin to storm. There comes a lot of lightning. When the opponent touches one of the lightnings he is under the lightning for 5 seconds. Zeus make also a smaller cloud. This cloud carries the ball and goes hard to the goal. When the opponent touch the cloud he will get 5 seconds under the lightning.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the Minor League with 180 goals or you must pay him for 7,300,000 points.


Cyprus will have a spear hat. It's look like spear shooter with a spear in it. It shoots round the 4 seconds a spear to the opponent what knock him hard away when he touches it.


  • Cyprus was earlier an island of Greece that's why in the Power Shots there are some Greek gods.
  • Aphrodite, a Greek god, was born on Cyprus and that's why she is in the Air Shot.