Flag of Cyprus (1960-2006).svg


Looks like Greece except has golden hair and beard and a much bigger nose.

Power ShotsEdit

Pebble shot (Air Shot)Edit

Cyprus Air Attack will be a line of pebbles fly at the opponent if the opponent gets hit by the last pebble a bolder will roll out and squash the opponent allowing the ball to roll in to the goal

Athena Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

Aphrodite (the Cypriot goddess will create a tsunami and will attempt to swim the ball into the goal, if the opponent tries to block but fails the tsunami will wash the opponent away off the screen for 3-5 seconds allowing Cyprus to push the ball into the goals.

Water blast (Counter Attack) Edit

Cyprus' counter attack should be water blast he shoots a ball of water that if it hit by the opponent it blasts them out of the screen helping in a goal for Cyprus

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win Head Cup with 25 counter attacks or pay 6,000,000 points.

Costume Edit

His costume should be a fish hat where the fish uses its tail to slap the opponent into the ground (devils effect) for 3 seconds it adds +6 to speed kick and jump.

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