Cyprus is a character idea that will be added. he has dark brown skin with wavy dark punk hair. he has angry mouth smaller than Belgium's mouth, red eyes and has a purple colour under his eyes.

If you click on the Power Shot Button,big crack will be on Cyprus will transform into a mutant that have a short tail with dark aura, shining red eyes, and big ears and fangs than Cyprus will smash the opponent like Devil's and Mon-K's Air Shot with his claws every 3 seconds.

Power ShotsEdit

Cyprus has 2 Power Shots and one counter attack.

Cerberus Shot (Air shot) Edit

If the ball touches Cyprus in the air. He will spawn a three headed giant dog (Cerberus) and the cerberus will attack the opponent goal with it big mouth nine times for each head. Each head have one ball and if the ball touch the opponent, the cerberus dog will eat the opponent and the opponent disappear for five seconds.

Doberman Shot Edit

If the ball touches Cyprus in the ground. He will call his giant doberman dog. Doberman will scream loudly that cause big earthquake and big wind. Doberman will scream 5 times and the ball will get shot from its mouth in 2 4 and 5 scream. If the ball touch the opponent, the dog will run to eat the opponent. The opponent will disappear  for five seconds.

Dungeon Tower Shot Edit

If Cyprus counter the opponent Power Shot, there will come fastly a piece of dungeon tower. The ball is in the piece of tower. If the opponent touch the ball, the opponent will disappear for four seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win all league with total 180 goal each league


Cyprus wears a Dark Knight costume this is a SS rank costume that hit the opponent with 5 swords 5 seconds after the game starts and its reshot the swords once in 5 seconds.

Speed +3, Kick +7, Jump +1, Dash +1, Power +8
Flag of Cyprus (1960-2006).svg

The flag of Cyprus.

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