Αρχείο λήψης

Democratic Republic of Congo is character idea by Fire mummy. He is 5 star opponent in Arcade.


DR Congo has dark skin, black eyes, big nose, small ears and smiling mouth. When you click Power button he get wings made of leafs and he can jump higher and he is faster like Devil. Also he throws pineapples on you. If he hits you, you are unconscious for 4 seconds.

Power ShotsEdit

He has Air shot, Ground shot and Counter Attack.

Tsetse fly shot (Air shot) Edit

Giant tsetse fly appears in the air. It will try to bite you 5 times. Then it will fly to your goal. If you are biten you will sleep 7 seconds and it will be goal for DR Congo 100% because tsetse fly will fly into goal with ball without blocking. If you avoided bites and block tsetse fly, it will bite you and you will sleep 7 seconds.

Tsetse flies shot (Ground shot) Edit

Swarm of tsetse flies will bite you and you will sleep for 7 seconds. Then queen of tsetse flies will fly into opponet's goal with ball. If you didn't avoid swarm's bites it will be goal for DR Congo 100% because you are sleeping. But if you avoided swarm's bites and block queen,it will bite you and you will sleep for 7 seconds.Ground shot is better than Air shot because in Air shot is only one tsetse fly but in Ground shot a lot of them.

Angry tsetse fly shot (Counter Attack) Edit

Very simply. Angry tsetse fly appears close to DR Congo's goal. Then it will fly fast to opponent's goal. If you block it, you will sleep for 7 seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Beat African countries in Final of Head Cup 5 goals different or pay 7 300 000 points.


He wears Poop costume because flies like it.


  • There is a lot of tsetse flies in DR Congo. That is the reason of all shots.
  • If tsetse fly bite you, you will sleep, then die.

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