Flag of Djibouti

Djibouti flag

It's created by FranceSwitzerland . Djibouti has a brown skin, small nose, big green eyes, small ears and a small mouth.

Power ShotsEdit

Djibouti has 2 Power shots and a Counter Attack.

Sandstorm shot (Air Shot)Edit

Djibouti's air shot is Sandstorm Shot. The stadium transforms into a desert and there is sand everywhere. There comes a lot of sand to the opponent, and the ball is sitting in the sand. The opponent can't see where the ball is. If the opponent touch the ball he is under the sand for 5 seconds.

Cactus shot (Ground Shot)Edit

Djibouti's ground shot is Cactus shot. The stadium transforms into a desert to. Djibouti walks to the opponent and plants a cactus. 1 seconds later comes on the position of the opponent the cactus out the ground. This power shot is really hard to counter, because you must kick the cactus if you not touch him.

Sand Star Shot (Counter Attack)Edit

Djibouti's counter attack is called sand star shot. The stadium transforms again in a desert, and Djibouti makes a sand star and throws it Horizontally to the opponent. This Counter Attack is likes Switzerland's Counter Attack but the sand star goes 2x faster then Switzerland's Counter Attack

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win Against 20 characters in Arcade without walk or you must pay him for 10.000.000 Points.


Djibouti wears a Cactus Costume. The cactus fires spines to the opponent. This is an SS Rank costume.

Stats UpgradesEdit

  • Speed upgrade:  +5
  • Kick upgrade: +7
  • Jump Upgrade: +4
  • Dash Upgrade: +2
  • Power Upgrade: +4


  • Djibouti is a country in Eastern Africa. It lies in the horn of Africa. It has borders with Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia.
  • In Djibouti is almost only deserts. That's the reason of everything.