Doctor Who is character idea by Fire mummy.

Character Idea/Doctor Who
General informations
Name Doctor Who
Stars 5
Power Shots EXTERMINATE shot, TARDIS shot, Abzorballof Shot
Flag {{{Flag}}}
Unlock Requirements Reach SS Rank 20 times with 10 characters
Costume Red Bow Costume
Creator Fire mummy


He has normal ears, normal nose, big eyes and brown hair. He looks like tenth Doctor (David Tennant). If you click Power button he will have Sonic screwdriverin his hand. Sonic screwdriver has same effect like Luxembourg's costume.

Power shotsEdit

He has an Air Shot, Ground Shot and Counter Attack.

Exterminate Shot (Air Shot) Edit

Dalek will appear on the center of the stadium. He says: Exterminate and hits a lot of lasers in all directions. Laser has same effect like Hungary's costume. But lasers aren't containing a ball. Dalek's UFO has ball. UFO will send the ball in opponet's goal. If you block ball you will be teleportd in UFO for 5 seconds. If Dalek's laser hit you it is 100% goal for Doctor because you cant jump, kick and move.

Tardis Shot (Ground Shot)Edit

TARDIS will appear close to Doctor's goal. Doctor will run to your goal wih ball in his hands. If you block him he will send you in TARDIS and TARDIS will go in ancient time. This is easy for counter but if you didn't counter it is goal for Doctor 100% because ball stay in the same place.

Abzorballof Shot (Counter Attack)Edit

Doctor's Counter Attack reminds of Uruguay's Counter Attack but this is much higher. Abzorballof will run to your goal with ball in his hands. If you block him he will eat you.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Reach SS Rank 20 times with 10 characters or pay 8 000 000 points.


He wears bow tie. It hasn't effect and it is C Rank costume.



  • Doctor Who is British science fiction television and it has 51 years.
  • Tardis is the most famous spaceship in Doctor Who. That is the reason of Ground shot.
  • Daleks are Doctor's main enemies and most famous aliens. That is the reason of Air shot.
  • Abzorballof is monster who eats humans. That is the reason of Counter Attack.

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