Skin similar to Brazil's (only a little bit more darker), curly black hair, black eye irises, big mouth, big ears, small nose and a serious face expression.When his powerbar is charged he will turn into a coconut seller with a hat and sunglasses and he will start juggling 6 coconuts.Every 7-8 seconds,he will throw a coconut at the opponent which will make him dizzy for 4 seconds.When he runs out of coconuts,he won't do anything to his opponent anymore.

Power ShotsEdit

Parrot Shot (Air shot) Edit

He will whistle.Then, there comes a lot of parrots from his side at the opponent and one of them has the ball (that one is slightly bigger,but hard to notice). If the opponent touches the one that has the ball,that parrot will carry him away from the field for 6.3 seconds giving Dominica a chance to score.

Coconut milk Shot (Ground shot) Edit

A giant coconut will roll down under him and he will jump on it. Then it will brake and there comes a lot of coconut milk at the opponent's net. The coconut milk will push the opponent into his own goal. Then a piece of broken coconut will come at the opponent's net, and if he touches it, he will explode for 6 seconds.

Lemon Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

A big lemon comes on the top corner of the screen. Then, it squeezes and there comes a lot of lemon juice (somewhere is the ball). If the opponent touches the ball, he will explode and dissappear for 5.6 seconds.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win the SS rank in survival 30 times.


It's a parrot costume.Every 6 seconds,it will fly at the opponent and try to peck him with it's beak which will make the opponent dizzy for 4 seconds.This is an S Rank costume.

Kick +3

Speed +1

Jump +2

Power +4

Dash +2


  • Coconuts grow in Dominica that's why it's in the ground shot.
  • Parrots live in Dominica and that's the reason off the air shot and the costume.
  • Lemon also grows in Dominica that's the reason of the counterattack.
    Flag of Dominica.svg

    The flag of Dominica.