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Earth's Flag

Earth's Flag


Earth has dark brown skin, one closed eye, one big green eye ( half opened ), short light messy hair combed upward, medium nose, medium ears, big angry mouth (holding a plant). When the powerbar is full he will wear a green google, he will make a globe using his google on the air, he will fire a globe to the opponent every 6 seconds and the opponent get dizzy.

Power ShotsEdit

He has 2 power shots and 1 counter attack.

Atlas Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

A big muscled man will appear from the ground, he is carrying a big globe. The man will walk to the middle of the stadium and the globe will flying, the man will divide the globe into 3 pieces and throw them to the opponent's goal. Earth has 3 balls and if the opponent touch the balls. The Muscled Man will hit the opponent and he will be trapped in the ground for 7 seconds.

Moss Spores Shot (Air Shot) Edit

The stadium will get mossy and there will be many tall sporangiums. Three of them are white colored the other is green. The sporangium will shot many spores. The white sporangiums will shot spores too but there will be one big spores with the ball inside for each white sporangium. If the opponent touches the balls the opponent will explode become spores for 5 seconds.

Atmosphere Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

The atmosphere ( like big blue shield ) will come to the opponent's goal very fast. The atmosphere cause heavy wind. If the opponent touches the ball the opponent will get hit by a giant globe for 4 seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win Survival (stage 100) and head cup without power shot, jump and dash or unlock for 11,000,000.


He wear random costumes.


Earth is the third planet in our solar system.

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