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White skin, blonde hair, green eyes and a relaxed face expression. When his powerbar is charged he will have a Easter Island head statue mask. He will throw coconuts every 10 seconds at the opponent. They can make the opponent dizzy for 5 seconds. If the opponent knocks his mask off, Easter Island will throw an Easter egg at the opponent. It can make the opponent slower by -5 for 5 seconds.

Power ShotsEdit

Ice Statue shot (With the mask) Edit

A big Easter Island statue will appear and he will jump on it. Then it will open it's mouth and it will start shooting a big blue shockwave wich can freeze the opponent for 5 seconds and push him into his own goal. Then it will shoot the ball into the goal (the ball won't do anything to the opponent if he touches it). The statue always appears on Easter Island's side.

Fire statue shot (Whitout the mask) Edit

The statue will appear again and Easter Island will jump on it. This time, the statue will start throwing fire like a flamethrower at the opponent (from it's mouth) for 6 seconds. If it shoots the opponent enough like that, he will turn into ashes for 5 seconds and the ball will appear.

Easter egg shot (Counter Attack). Edit

He will jump and then he will shoot 4 Easter eggs at the opponent. The opponent must kick all of the Easter eggs away or else Easter Island will score a goal. The last one has the ball. It can make the opponent dizzy for 5 seconds (it can't be kicked away). All of the Easter eggs come in diffrent colors, but the last one is always green.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Reach stage 200 is Survival.


It's a slingshot costume that shoots rocks. They can make the opponent dizzy for 3 seconds.







Easter Island is a is an island that is a part of Chile. It is very famous for it's head statues and that is why they are in the Power Shots.
640px-Flag of Rapa Nui, Chile.svg

The flag of Easter Islands.