He will have an Indian face ,a Round brown serious face, small serious eyes, a small nose, and a normal mouth. He has long black hair, with a tail, and colored feathers in the top of the head, that it loses if it attacks.

Power ShotsEdit

Before doing any power shot, all costumes will fall, and the eyes will turn white and he will levitates. He will punch the ground and if it doesn't jump, he will be wounded, and he will be confused for a middle time.

Maya Titan Shot Edit

'The character levitates and a light comes out from his eyes and mouth and the scenery changes to a Maya Pyramid. Then, an earthquake happens and a Titan of an Indian with big muscles of stone comes out and put his punch in the highs and strike with a great power. If the character blocks it, a POW sound echoes and it goes out of the stadium for 4 seconds. 

Ancient Ray Shot Edit

As for the Maya Titan shot, the user levitates and the lights of the eyes and mouth comes out. The background scenery depicts the Maya pyramid, and an earthquake occurs. The Titan comes out and opens its mouth, and a sparkling light flashes out to strike to the goal. If one blocks it, the POW occurs and it dissapears for 4 seconds.

Titan Kick Shot Edit

El Salvador character dissapears, and the Titan appears. After that, he slides in the ground, and if it blocks it, a POW occurs and the character dissapears for 4 seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

With the Head Cup 10 times with 5 characters without using Jump, Power Shot. Or unlock it immediately with 6,000,000 points.


He will be using a flamethrower with a Bazooka form, without turning off. It will damage the foe by burning him and confusing it and make it bleed a lot. It will make +3 speed, +7 jump, + 6 powershot, +7 kick, +5 dash.

2000px-Flag of El Salvador.svg

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