White skin,black hair,black mustache (like UK's),round ears,big mouth,big nose,medium eyes and a disgustful face expression. When his Power Button is activated, he will turn into a locomotive train driver with a blue stripped train driver hat and he will send a lot of dark smoke after the opponent. If the opponent touches it,he will be slower by -5 for 5 seconds.Then,England will throw wrenches at the opponent every 6 seconds which will make him dizzy for 4 seconds.

Power ShotsEdit

Train Smoke Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

A railroad will appear on the ground and a big locomotive will drive on to England's side and he will be driving it. Then a lot of black smoke from the chimney will quickly go into the opponent's goal and somewhere is the ball but the opponent can't see it. If the opponent touches it, he will disappear for 2-3 seconds.

Charcoal Shot (Air Shot) Edit

The locomotive will appear again and this time, England will open up it's door. Then, 8 big pices of charcoal will fly into the opponent's goal and one of them has the ball. If the opponent touches that one,he will turn into ashes (like Sweden's Power Shot) for 6-7 seconds.

Train Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

The railroad will appear again and England will fastly drive the train into the opponent's goal. If the opponent touches the train,he will explode into his own goal (like Romania's Counter Attack) for 6 seconds.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win the 1st place in Amateur league with 30 different characters. Or pay 3,900,000 points.


  • Trains were invented in England, that's the reason of the whole idea.
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    The flag of England.