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The flag of Equatorial Guinea.

By CroatiaSoccer


He will have white skin, brown hair, green eyes, big ears and a serious face expression. When his powerbar is charged, he will push a lawnmower at the opponent, which push the opponent into his own goal. Equatorial Guinea will gain a builder helmet, and he will be able to send lawnmowers (only smaller this time) at the opponent every 8 seconds (this time, they just make the opponent dizzy and they don't push him back into his goal).

Power Shots Edit

Bulldozer Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

He will walk away (on his side of the field), and a sound of a bulldozer will be played in the background. Then a big bulldozer will appear on his side and Equatorial Guinea will be in it. Then, he will drive into the opponent's goal. As the bagger moves, it will bick up a lot of dirt. If the opponent touches the dirt, he will get picked up along with it and he will explode (and disappear for 5 seconds) when he touches his goal. And if the opponent gets ran over by the bulldozer, he will get squished for 5 seconds (like Asura).

Bagger Shot (Air Shot) Edit

He will do the same thing, only this time a bagger will appear. Then, it will catch the opponent with it's claw, make a hole in the ground with it's tracks,and burrie the opponent inside. The opponent will reappear after 6 seconds giving Equatorial Guinea a chance to score a goal.

3 Lawnmowers shot (Counter Attack) Edit

He will yell:"Lawnmowers over here!". Then he will push 3 lawnmowers at the opponent's goal. The last one has the ball. If the opponent touches the other 2 lawnmover's, he will get kicked back: If he touches the last one, he will get Nigeria's Power Shot effect for 3 seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the 1st place in Major League without dashing 10 times, with 10 different characters each.


It's a gas mask costume that shoots out smoke. It can reverse the opponent's controls (like Brazil, only with a grey dust effect) and slow him down by -4.

Kick +3

Speed +1

Jump +2

Power +3

Dash +4

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