Withe skin, brown hair,blue green eyes and a suprised face expression. When you activate his Power Button, he will turn into a shepard. He will throw snowballs at the opponent wich will make him dizzy for 4.5 seconds.

Power ShotsEdit

Wooden Cottage Shot (Air Shot) Edit

A small wooden cottage with doors will appear on Faroe islands' side. Then the doors will open and there comes a lot of sheeps out of it and push the opponent into his own goal. Somewhere by all the sheep there is a ram,and if the opponent touches him,the ram will punch the opponent into his own goal with his horns. If the opponent gets and explodes in his own goal by the ram, Faroe Islands will score a goal.

Waterfall Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

A big waterfall will start falling on the opponent and he cant get out. Then, there comes a rock and if the opponent touches it, he will get Devil's Effect for 6-7 seconds giving Faroe Islands a chance to score a goal.

Cloud Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

There comes a big cloud on the field and you can't see anything. Then, Faroe Islands will throw a ball but only he can see it so it's hard to counter. If the opponent touches it, he will explode and disappear for 5.5 seconds.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win the 1st place in Amateur League by dashing exactly 85 times.




  • Faroe Islands means sheep islands in Danish that's the reason of the Air Shot.
  • There a lot of cottages in Faroe Islands that's also the reason of the Air Shot.
  • Faroe Island is famous for it's waterfall near the village Gásadalur and that's the reason of the Ground Shot.
  • There are a lot of clouds In Faroe Islands that's the reason of the Counter Attack.
    Flag of the Faroe Islands

    The flag of Faroe Islands.

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