He wears a towel on his head. And is laughing with his eyes closed. He might be introduced with Norway and Iceland. 

Power shotEdit

Sauna Shot (First Power Shot) Edit

Finland's Power Shot is the Sauna Shot. A lot of birch tree branches gather and jabs the opponent. When the opponent gets hit, he gets beaten up by the branches like China's Power Shot. The player has a chance to shoot the ball in.  

Music Shot (Damaged Power Shot) Edit

Next shot when the towel gets off his head, the Power Shot changes to Music Shot. 4 quarter notes jabs the player, and then freezes the player. Then a light beam comes down from the sky to the ground where the opponent is. 

Costume Edit

He wears a santa hat.






Unlock RequirementsEdit

Beat the Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland) with 5 achievements: 

1. Without conceding one goal.

2. Without Power Shot. 

3. With 5 Counter Attacks.

4. Without dash.

5. Win 10 times. 
Flag of Finland

The flag of Finland.