Finland should be a character coming in the future update. He has blonde hair in wavy locks over his forehead, small ears, blue eyes with a sharp nose and a sluggish smile.

Power Shots Edit

Multiply Shot (Air Shot) Edit

He has an unique Air Power Shot. When activated in the air, he will multiply himself carrying an musket in each clone. They will shoot after each other for 7 times, and the ball is in one of the shots. (Possibly 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 the ball can appear in any order).

Grenadier Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

When he uses his Power Shot on the ground, He will be transformed into a giant grenadier aiming 3 grenades at the opponent. In contact, it will explode and send the opponent in the air.

Cannon Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

Like Greece, Denmark, Luxembourg, Romania, South Africa, Austria and Thailand, he has an unique Counter Attack. He will summon an cannon and shoot a bomb at the opponent.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

To unlock him, win Amateur League, Minor League, Major League each ten times without losing an single match or pay 6,500,000 points to unlock him instantly

Costume Edit

Flag of Finland.svg

The flag of Finland

He has a costume that shoots fire into the opponent giving them a similar affect of Brazil's Phoenix Shot.