White skin, curly orange hair, green eyes, glasses simmilar to Mon-K's and a suprised face expression. He has freckles around his nose.He looks like a nerd. He has a disadvantage in all stats (-1).

When his powerbar is charged, he will take a chocolate candy bar and take a bite every 4 or 5 seconds, though,it won't do anything special at all.

Power ShotsEdit

Globe Shot (Ground shot) Edit

He will take a big globe of the earth,and put it on the ground. Then,he will spin it around and it will break of the holder and roll into the opponent's goal (as it goes,it will leave earthqueake tracks behind it like Singapore's counter attack).If the opponent touches the globe,he will get squished for 5 seconds.

Chemistry Shot (Air shot) Edit

He will take a test tube with blue liquid in it and hold it for 3 seconds.Then,It will start boiling and it will turn red.Then,Frank McCarwood will throw the test tube into the opponent's goal.If the opponent touches it,he will explode and disappear for 5 seconds with red smoke aroun (which disappears after 2 seconds).

Ice Cube Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

He will drob down a small ice cube.Then he will start walking and slip over the ice cube.The ice cube will fly into the opponent's goal (Frank McCarwood is still lying on the floor).If the opponent touches it,he will get trapped in a big ice cube and he won't be able to move for 5 seconds (once the ice cube hits the opponent,Frank McCarwood will get up).

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win the 1st place in Amateur League trough 42 counter attacks.


It's a box costume.It looks like an upside down opened box.It really doesn't do anything special.It's an F costume.It has blue stripe on it.

Kick +0

Speed +0

Jump +0

Power +0

Dash +0

Trivia Edit

  • Frank McCarwood doesn't exist in real life and is supposed to represent a nerd.He is not even a real person.

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