Gotland Flag+Coat Of Arms

The Flag of Gotland


Gotland is a Character Idea of FranceSwitzerland and he wants him in Head Soccer. Gotland will has brown hair with a smiling face. He has a big nose, small mouth, small green eyes and small ears. He has also a brown big mustache.

When you click on his Power Button, he will transform into a viking. He will get a viking helmet (Like Sweden) and he will throw a lot of stones to the opponent.

Power ShotsEdit

Gotland has 2 Power Shots and a Counter Attack.

Snekken Shot (Ground Shot)Edit

Gotland will jump in a boat with a lot of other vikings like him. All the vikings go out the boat and run to the opponent. If the opponent touch a viking he will disappear for 5 seconds. Somewhere between the vikings is the ball. This Power Shot is really hard, because you never know where the ball wil be, since it can come at the beginning and at the ending. Also looks this Power Shot like a much better version of Colombia's Power Shot.

Drakkar Shot (Air Shot)Edit

Gotland will jump in a boat again and will shoot 9 cannon balls. 3 in the same time. Then Gotland shoot the ball. If the opponent touch a cannon ball he is disappeared for 5 seconds. The only thing you can do is jumping over the cannonballs or stay on the ground. The cannonballs always come on different times, so it's hard to know where and you need to do everything right to hold this Power Shot. If you do 1 thing wrong, than you already have no chance anymore to hold this Power Shot. This Power Shot is a better version of Sweden's Power Shot.

Cannonball Shot (Counter Attack)Edit

Gotland jumps very fast in a ship and shoots also very fast one cannonball. If you touch the cannonball you are disappeared for 5 seconds. This cannonball is very big and the ball always ends soft on the ground after you touched the cannonball. It's not very hard to counter this Counter Attack and it's also the only way to hold it. Gotland will always score if you not counter it, making this Counter Attack good, but not very good.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Reach a total of 50,000 goals or pay him for 12,000,000 points.


He will wear the cannonball cannon. It shoots cannon balls to the opponent that make the opponent disappear for 5 seconds. It's an SS Rank Costume.


  • Gotland is an island of Sweden what earlier was a business center of the vikings. West of it lies Öland, North of it lies Finland and Aland Islands. East of it lies Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
  • This character is also a stronger version of Sweden, because the most things are like Sweden (I had no other ideas).