General information
Name Greenland
Character number Unknown
Stars 5
Power Shots Iceblock Shot, Glacier Shot and Igloo Shot
Unlock Requirements Win the Amateur League without using Power Shot and Kick
Costume Snow Cannon
Idea creator FranceSwitzerland

Appearance Edit

Greenland is a Character Idea of FranceSwitzerland and he wants him in Head Soccer. He has brown hair with a smiling face. He has green eyes, a small mouth, a big nose and big ears.

When you activates the Power Button of Greenland he will transform into a snowman. Greenland shoots you under the snow what will push the opponent in his goal and after 5 seconds he will come out the snow.

Power Shots Edit

Greenland has 2 Power Shots and a Counter Attack.

Ice Block Shot (Ground Shot)Edit

Greenland will make 3 Ice Blocks. Then he will push the 3 Ice blocks to the opponent. The opponent must jump over all the blocks. In the last Ice block is the ball in sitting. If you touch a ice block you will be frozen in it and hard pushed in your own goal. Then the ice block with the ball can easily go in the goal and will make it a 100% goal. Later a lot ice pieces lie on the ground.

Glacier Shot (Air Shot)Edit

There comes a glacier on the side of Greenland. Later the sun will appear begun to shining. Through the glacier is melting all the water will goes to the opponent and push him back opponent. Then a chunk ice will fall and goes in the goal. When the opponent touch the chunk ice he will be frozen for 5 seconds.The ball will then mostly go in the goal or if he don't, Greenland can easy score. Then later a lot snow pieces lie on the ground.

Igloo Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

A big igloo will appear on the side of Greenland. Greenland goes in the igloo. Then the igloo explodes and all the ice chunks will fall to the opponent's goal. When the opponent touches an ice chunk, he/she will unconscious and pushed in their own goal. The biggest ice chunk have the ball in it. A lot of snow pieces will lie on the ground after this Counter Attack.

Costume Edit

Greenland wears a viking helmet with a gun with snow in it. It fires snow. When you touch this snow, you will come under it and can't doing anything. This means you are not allowed to use any button. The wearer of the Snow Costume can kick you in your own goal and score. It's a SS Rank Costume.

Unlock Requirements Edit

Win the Amateur League without using Power Shot and kick or you must pay him for 6.500.000 points.

Trivia Edit

  • Greeland is the biggest island in the world and lies in the North of North America. South east of it lies Iceland.
  • The most of the landscape of Greenland are Glaciers. That's the reason of the Ground Shot.
  • In Greenland, eskimo's have made a lot igloo's and that's why a igloo is in the Counter Attack.