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The flag of Greenland.


White skin, black hair, short black beard, blue eyes and a serious face expression. When his powerbar is charged, he will throw a big snowball at the opponent,and the entiere background will turn into an arctic landscape.The snowball will cover the opponent in snow so he won't be able to move for 5-6 seconds.Then,Greenland will be able to throw smaller snowballs every 6 wich can make the opponent dizzy for 4 seconds.

Power ShotsEdit

Fjord shot (Ground shot) Edit

A sound effect of a melting fjord will be played in the backround.Then,a lot of ice will appear within the field and it will start melting.Then,a lot of water will come down into the opponents goal and somewhere there is the ball.It is very hard to see.If the opponent touches it,he will get pushed into his own goal and he will get trapped in an ice cube for 6-7 seconds so he won't be able to move.

Husky shot (Air shot) Edit

A sound effect of a husky wolf roawring will be played in the background.Then,a big husky will jump on greenland's side of the field.Then,the husky will jump in the opponent's goal and eat him for 6-7 seconds if the opponent touches him.

Icy-Shark shot (Counter Attack) Edit

A big big wave will start go into the opponent's goal and a big shark will jump out.Then,the shark will throw 3 ice balls at the opponent,wich can put him in an ice cube again for 3 seconds and then he will eat him for 6 seconds.The ice balls can't score a goal,but the shark does because he goes into the opponent's goal.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the Tournament using 20 diffrent E-SS Rank costumes.


It's a cold wind costume.It looks like a snow gun with a propeler in it's pipe.Every 6 seconds,it will make a snowy wind that covers the opponent in snow for 4 seconds and he won't be able to move.

Kick +3

Speed +4

Jump +2

Power +2

Dash +3


  • In Greenland,there are a lot of fjords and husky wolfs so that's why there in the powershots.
  • There are some sharks in Greenland part of the ocean so that's why a shark is in the counter attack.

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