Black skin, black short hair, dark green eyes and a serious face expression. When his Power Bar is charged,he will turn into a gardener, and the stadium will turn into a nutmeg field. Every 7 seconds, he will kick a nutmeg above him,and he will throw it at the opponent in a Brazil direction.It can make the opponent dizzy for 3 seconds.

Power ShotsEdit

Nutmeg trees shot (Ground shot) Edit

He will yell:"NUTMEG TREES SHOT!". Then, 5 nutmeg trees will grow on the field (their treetops are higher than the goals).He will yell:"NOW!!!".Then,a lot of nutmegs will fall down on the opponent.They can make the opponent dizzy for 3 seconds.Than, one last nutmeg (a little bit bigger then the others) will fall on the opponent no matter where he is. If the opponent touches it, he will explode and disappear for 6-7 seconds.

Nutmeg shell shot (Air shot) Edit

He will yell:"NUTMEG SHELL SHOT!". Then, he will drop some seeds on the ground,a giant nutmeg tree will appear and a giant nutmeg will fall down.Then, Grenada will kick it at the opponent and if the opponent touches it,it will open up it's shell and close the opponent inside of itself for 6-7 seconds.Grenada has to kick it in the opponent's goal in order to score.

4 Nutmegs shot (Counter Attack) Edit

4 nutmegs will appear in front of him.Then, he will throw them into the opponent's goal.They give the opponent South Korea's Power Shot effect. The last one has the ball.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the 1st place in Amateur league through 40 Counter Attacks.


It's a electric costume. It looks like a small light blue satellite. Every 7 seconds, it shoots out a thin light blue electro lase which can give the opponent the same effect as Columbia's costume, only blue and for 6 seconds.

Kick +3
Speed +2
Jump +2
Power +1
Dash +2


  • Grenada is the biggest exporter of nutmeg in the world so that's why nutmeg is in the Power Shots.
    Flag of Grenada.svg

    The flag of Grenada.