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The Flag of Guyana


Its a Character Idea of FranceSwitzerland. Guyana has brown skin with a bald head and a friendly face. He also has a big mouth, big nose, big green eyes and small ears.

When you click on his Power Button he will transform in a tree. He will get sticks with leafs out of his bald head, with he shoots to the opponent. When the opponent touch it he will be under the thorns for 3 seconds.

Power ShotsEdit

Guyana have 2 Power Shots and a Counter Attack.

Tree Roots Shot (Ground Shot)Edit

Guyana transform in a bigger tree with more stick. Then a three tree roots will go in the ground. 2 of the Tree roots go grab the opponent. When one of the tree roots grabbed them he will be under the thorns for 5 seconds. All the tree roots go from the underground. The last goes in the goal and when the opponent touch that one he will be again under the thorns for 5 seconds. Its a difficult ground shot, because you don't know where the thorns will come out.

Tree Shot (Air Shot)Edit

Guyana transform again in a bigger tree. Now there comes more stick on the tree. All the sticks will be shoot to the opponent. The sticks push the opponent back. Later the tree shoot also all his leafs to the opponent. Somewhere behind the leafs is the ball. Then the whole field is under the leafs and everywhere fly leafs. Later all the leaves lies on the ground. When the opponent touch the ball he will be under a pile of leaves. This hard but you don't know where the ball is and sometimes you are unconscious off the sticks.

Big Tree Shot (Counter Attack)Edit

A big tree comes horizontally from the side of Guyana to the side of the opponent. When the opponent touch the tree you will be hard push away. In a owl cavern is the ball in sitting. When you touch the ball a owl goes kill you and then you are disappeared for 5 seconds.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win 500 Amateur League's or pay the amount of points D&D Dream gives him.


Guyana wears a tree costume. It set a tree in the ground at 3 seconds and the opponent can walk then along the tree. 5 seconds later the tree disappear. This is a SS Rank Costume.


  • Guyana is a country in the North of South America. It has borders with Suriname, Venezuela and Brazil.
  • There are a lot rain forests in Guyana and that's the reason that everything is with Tree's.