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The flag of Haiti.


Haiti's Skin color is similar to Brazil's (a little bit more darker), black hair, brown eyes and a serious face expression. When his power bar is charged, he will turn into a boatman with a red headscarf and the background will turn into a swamp forest with water instead of grass. Both of the players move on rafts. Every 6-7 seconds, Haiti will send a piranha towards his opponent that splashes in and out of the water like Devil's demonic shadow to eat the opponent for 4.5 seconds.

Power ShotsEdit

Boat Shot (Air shot) Edit

Haiti will drift away from the field, and then reappear rowing a big wooden boat. He will then row at the opponent, and if the opponent touches him, he will explode and disappear for 6 seconds and everything will go normal again.

Piranha Shot (Ground shot) Edit

Haiti will send out 3 piranha's after the opponent. They will swim for 1 second and then they will dive in the water so the opponent can't see them. If a piranha touches the opponent, it will jump and eat him for 6 seconds. The opponent must kick the piranha's away while they are diving but it's hard to do it because the opponent can't see them.

Crocodile shot (Counter Attack) Edit

A big crocodile will swim after the opponent. If he touches the crocodile, it will eat him for 5 seconds, but it will still be going into his goal so the only way to block this is to counter it. This counter attack is very easy to counter since it is just going in a straight line.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Reach the stage 150 in survival or higher or pay a certain amount of points depending on how much the developers want him to cost.

The costume Haiti wears.


On Arcade, Haiti wears the Zombie Costume.


  • Piranhas and crocodiles live in Haiti which explains why the powershots are based on them.
  • Zombie legends come from Haiti which explains the costume the character is using.

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