He has white skin, spiky brownish hair, small eyes with dark-pink irisis and a smiling face expression. When his power bar is charged up, some water will come from his side to push the opponent into his own goal. When the water disappears, Hawaii will turn into a tourist with a green straw hat and dark sunglasses.

Power ShotsEdit

Photo Camera Shot (Ground Shot) Edit

He will transform into a local dressed in a blue and white flower-shirt (like the one that many tourists wear on holidays) and a long-grass skirt (also, he will still have the straw hat and the sunglasses on). Then, he will take a camera and he will flash with it 3 times at the opponent. The first two times will make the opponent dizzy for 3.9 seconds but with white bubbles instead of stars. Then, the third time, the ball will fly at the opponent and if he touches it, he will explode and disappear for 6 seconds.

Swimming Shot (Air shot) Edit

Hawaii will go away, Then a lot of sea water will go into the opponent's goal and then,there comes Hawaii swimming into the opponent's goal in green swimming trunks with blue palms illustrated on them. Then, Hawaii will swiftly swim into the opponent's goal.If the opponent touches Hawaii, he will explode and disappear for 6-7 seconds. The water can push the opponent back.

Hula Dancer Shot (Counter Attack) Edit

A female Hawaiian hula dancer with long blonde hair, a grass skirt,a pink bras and a coconut in each hand will appear on Hawaii's side and she will start dancing for 3 seconds. Then, she will throw those two coconut's at the opponent. The first one will make him dizzy for 2.5 seconds and the second one will make him explode and disappear for 5.9 seconds. This can be hard to counter if you get dizzy by the first coconut.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Win the 1st place in Head Cup by scoring 45 goals or more.


The costume that Hawaii will wear is the camera costume. Every 7 seconds, it will flash at the opponent and he will have the withe bubble effect (like in Hawaii's ground shot) for 4 seconds.

  • Kick: +4
  • Speed: +5
  • Jump: +3
  • Power: +1
  • Dash: +3


  • Hawaii is famous for it's tourism, so that's the reason of the whole idea.
    Flag of Hawaii.svg

    The flag of Hawaii.